Analytics + Talent generate
Program Agility

Productivity + Analytics generate
Program Precision

Talent + Productivity generate
Program Speed

An edge for everything we deliver.

CommandEdge is the internal operational approach and platform that powers all of our work.

CommandEdge is not a product we sell or a solution we impose on our customers. It's the mindset and toolset we use to rapidly resolve complex program management, systems engineering, and DevOps challenges.

With CommandEdge, MCR enables agencies to realize program precision, agility, and speed as dominant operational assets.

Three integrated components.

Analytics, Talent, and Productivity work together to
drive innovation, lower risk, and accelerate delivery




CommandEdge Analytics integrates proven analysis and visualization tools and applies them to program management, systems engineering, and DevOps in powerful new ways.

Spreadsheets and presentations cannot match how CommandEdge Analytics automates and displays:

  • Descriptive analytics (what has happened)

  • Predictive analytics (what will happen)

  • Prescriptive analytics (what should happen)




CommandEdge Talent is our proprietary talent acquisition system. Our certified recruiters use its AI-based targeting, state-of-the-art hiring technologies, and automation to locate large volumes of qualified professionals.

Identifying talent in volume enables MCR to:

  • Be extremely selective and hire only the very best people for our teams

  • Adjust staffing to achieve evolving program requirements

  • Maintain a virtual bench with industry-leading depth immediately
    deployed to meet program requirements




CommandEdge Productivity is MCR’s one-stop hub for communication, collaboration, and coordination.

It makes our people measurably more efficient and amplifies the value of every labor hour we deliver by enabling immediate access to:

  • Agile Applications, documentation, libraries, templates, and other resources for project execution and continuity

  • MCR Training Institute courses for targeted professional development

  • Subject-matter experts and each other

  • Administrative tools and anything else our people need to do their jobs