A united team building better solutions which redefine and enhance value for everyone.

MCR is a differentiated provider of integrated program management solutions to defense, intelligence, and critical civilian governmental agencies. Fully certified and embedded in Europe to perform program management for NATO and Allied Ministries of Defense customers, MCR specializes in manned and unmanned aviation, defense technology platforms, space and missile programs, federal aviation, homeland security, intelligence, and international defense programs.


Building a culture of service to others.

MCR's four core values encompass the beliefs and principles that has guided our work each and every day, over years of service.



Continual Improvement

At MCR, we want to help you to be the best at what you do. Whether that is with the best tools, or training, we want to enable and support you in doing what you do best. As such, we are committed to learning and providing mentoring and training to broaden your experience and strengthen your skills. Not only do we want to provide quality products and services to customers, but we also want our employees to achieve quality and fulfillment in life. In a commitment to quality, we offer an extremely competitive pay and benefits package to invest in our employees’ lives.


Doing What's Best

We all want to work at a place with integrity. Work should be pleasant, fulfilling, and filled with people whom you enjoy working with on a day-to-day basis. We put forth the very best for our customers to build lasting impressions, and we do the same for our employees. At MCR, we embody integrity by being honest and fair in our business transactions, unified as a team, and by basing our work on solid foundations.



Better Together

We value teamwork, and all the parts that make up a team. Here, your thoughts, ideas, and contributions matter. We appreciate the large variety of experience, knowledge, and backgrounds that make people one of a kind and make great efforts to blend that variety together to build strong, capable teams that provide the best service.


Creative Solutions

We strive for creative and innovative solutions to whatever challenges our customers face. Employees are encouraged to share thoughts, ideas, listen, and learn so that everyone may benefit.