Providing Life-Cycle Program Management Support to the NATO Air Command & Control System (ACCS)

May 7th, 2018

As an alliance of nations, NATO relies on the resources of member countries. As a result, it is imperative that equipment be compatible and interoperable. Over the years there have been dramatic improvements in the technology used to monitor and control air space. Consequently, NATO needed a unified system composed of NATO assets and those of member nations. NATOs Air Command & Control System (ACCS) was designed to meet this need. MCR has played a key role in assisting NATO in developing, producing, testing, and fielding ACCS. This system, designed to integrate and automate the planning, tasking and execution of all air operations at the tactical level, is being deployed throughout Europe in NATO nations. MCR consultants develop project plans, establish project schedules, estimate project costs, aid in managing projects, develop test plans, prepare and activate operational sites, and manage contracts. Integrated directly into multinational NATO teams, we have been a vital component to mission success. Our dedicated personnel often travel to the far-flung corners of Europe from the Arctic Circle to Eastern Turkey to meet the needs of our customer.