Ordering Instructions

How to Use OASIS

The OASIS Master Contract and OASIS SB Master Contract will help your agency acquire
professional services for integrated solutions more efficiently and economically.

Federal Contracting Officers must follow these steps to begin using GSA’s OASIS.

Required Steps

  1. Request a Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA): The DPA establishes the Ordering Contracting Officer’s (OCO’s) roles and responsibilities.

  2. Attend DPA training.

  3. Conduct Market Research and Acquisition

  4. Build the Task Order Solicitation.

  5. Issue the Task Order Solicitation.

  6. Conduct Evaluations.

  7. Award the Task Order.

  8. Send the Task Order Award Information to the OASIS Office.

  9. Report Contract Actions: View instructions on task order reporting in the FPDS-NG System.

  10. Administer the Task order – include the OASIS office on modifications.

  11. Review Past Performance: Review and report your contractor’s past performance.

  12. Close out your task order when appropriate.


Recommended Steps

  1. Use GSA website links to conduct market research, including Requests for Information and draft task order solicitations.

  2. Use the OASIS Pricing Tool to develop your IGCE.

  3. Get a Pre-Award Scope Review from the OASIS Program Office.

  4. Reach out to the OASIS Program Office team anywhere in the procurement process.


The above was taken directly from the GSA OASIS page on www.gsa.gov

GSA also offers Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS) to assist you in any part of the process depending on the complexity and value of the acquisition. Their Contracting Offers already have the Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) and can walk you through the process of procurement including managing the resulting contracts. The first step is to contact one of their Client Support Centers. By utilizing AAS you will shorten the process by eliminating steps 1 and 2.